About Us


ERAN ENGINEERING Co. is one of the most prominent and distinguished corporations of the Turkish industry. The company has been serving Iron-Steel Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Pipelines and other similar sectors for long years. Across the synergy yielded by these achievements, the company has scored great successes in other fields within its scope of operations such as steel mill equipment, wet chimneys, water cooled copper and steel panels. ERAN ENGINEERING Co.  develops the design and manufacturing of its operations through its own corporate  specialized staff . The dedicated efforts of well-trained and experienced engineers and staff highly specialized in their own fields’ output reliable and proper deliverables within strict deadlines. All departments communicate and coordinate through the state-of-the-art technology. Our company serves in the following areas of specialization.



 ERAN ENGINEERING Co. functions across the principle of “quality comes first” in its management and production processes. Thanks to the expertise brought  by long years of experience in the industry, the Company has adopted the principle of “assuring customer satisfaction”. Focusing on its mental capabilities and  experience, the Company experience redefines professionalism as a process management combining corporate assets with production values, and elects and  directs its employees across this philosophy. The objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of the country through high-quality products and  services yielded by professional and experienced staff implementing contemporary management systems. We appreciate the value of time, eliminate possible  delays and design our working style accordingly. We strive to realize our principle “customer satisfaction” actually and accurately beyond its stereotype  meaning. We perceive our commitments as the ground for our existence and show the atmosphere and diligence in full filling them without delay.



 To acquire a top rank in its industry in Turkey. The Company’s main prospect is to provide high-quality services to our country and people through its  professional approach allowing it to run the collective awareness developed in its subsidiaries, process management creating the difference and the  creativeness of its intellectual power. The company has turned out to be the industry leader in myriad of fields thanks to its technical and administrative  infrastructure, machinery, equipment and completed works since the date of incorporation. As our company targets to become the all- time leader in all areas of  operation by means of using the latest technology and offering the excellent, it realizes all of its operations at the highest quality assurance standards by  improving its dynamical and corporate identity and attaching the utmost value to its employees and operations.




*Project solution

*Steel fabrication

*Steel installation

*Equipment installation



*Pipe construction and installation