Quality Policy


Our most important asset is our human resources.

The quality of our products and services starts with the quality of our employees. Best staff and skilled manpower Company to attract and employment to our people the ability to achieve the maximum benefit from the power and creativity to increase their productivity and enables the development and create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity ERAN ENGENEERING's generation is the way we have chosen to ensure the continuity of generations.


From the first day we started operating the selected target, our mission is always going to be the best and work towards achieving this goal.

Superior business ethics and our supplier code of conduct policy to comply with the Fair.

Fair in all our relationships, in order to ensure mutual benefit to act in good faith and understanding. Our policy is always to obey the law and ethics. Instead, we take our responsibilities to the people of today and future generations.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Our goal; Assessing the environmental impact of each work we plan to do, the negative effects on the environment arising from the activities is to destroy the economic solution based on science. All innovations, research and closely follow developments, producing our own unique technology to bring solutions to environmental problems is to provide emergency and environmental risk management at the most advanced level.

Formed with the vision to realize the principles of environmentally sensitive investment, not only today, proudly the name of a company in the future we aim to be mentioned.

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

It is the policy of the ERAN of Occupational Safety and Health to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees and protect others who may be affected by its activities.

The ERAN’s management and staff will work together to achieve the aims and objectives of this policy through discussion / negotiation (conference) and cooperation.

Specifically, the ERAN’s policy comprises the following objectives:

  • To prepare and preserve a workplace with a safe and healthy working system;
  • To ensure that all staff are provided with the relevant information, instruction, training and supervision regarding methods to carry out their duties in a safe manner and without causing any risk to health;
  • To investigate all accidents, diseases, poisonous and/or dangerous occurrences, and to have action to ensure that these occurrences will not be repeated;
  • To comply with all requirements of legislations related to safety and health as stated in the Occupational Safety and Health Act, as well as regulations and codes of practice which have been approved;
  • To provide basic welfare facilities to all workers;
  • To revise and improve on this policy whenever necessary.

The ERAN is without any doubt certain that safety and health must be an integral part of our daily activities, and that the proper practice of safe and healthy working procedures would be the main factor in achieving the success of our mission.